Autographa Medii Aevi
Publishing house: Brepols Publishers «Corpus Christianorum» (Turnhout)

Launched following a conference on medieval autographs organised by the FEF in 1990, the collection proposes to study the principal autographs of literary works from the paleographic and philological perspective. The majority of works to be considered are in medieval Latin. The structure of the series gives it the function of an appendix to the prestigious collection «Corpus Christianorum».

1. Liutprando da Cremona e il codice di Frisinga Clm 6388. A cura di Paolo Chiesa, 1994.

2. Guibert de Nogent et ses secrétaires. Cura et studio Monique Cécile Garand, 1995.

3. The Authograph of Eriugena. Edited by Edouard Jeauneau and Paul Dutton, 1996.

4. The Authograph Manuscript of the “Liber Floridus”. A Key to the Understanding of the Work. By Albert Derolez, 1998.

5. Gli autografi di frate Francesco e di frate Leone. A cura di Attilio Bartoli Langeli, 2000.

6. Goffredo di Fontaines, aspirante baccelliere sentenziario: le autografe “Notule de scientia theologie” e la cronologia del ms. Paris BnF Lat. 16297. A cura di Andrea Aiello e Robert Wielockx, 2009.