Related projects
Related projects

The Textual Tradition of Italian Literature online (Tradizione della letteratura italiana on line, TLIon)

The TLIon project, coordinated by Claudio Ciociola and based at the Scuola Normale di Pisa, aims to create descriptive files of the textual tradition of each author in Italian literature and to place that information in an online database. The framework of the project is perfectly complementary to LIO (which is an analytical repertory, while the former is a concise overview), and from the beginning there has been close and mutually beneficial collaboration between the two projects.

Hypertextual repertory of the Romance lyric tradition from the Origins (Repertorio ipertestuale della tradizione lirica romanza delle Origini, TraLiRO)

The TraLiRO project, financed by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research within the framework of the 2010 research programme "Future in research" (FIRB), aims to create an online repertory dedicated to the manuscript tradition of medieval lyric texts in several romance language areas. The objective of TraLiRO is to provide a concise but comprehensive overview of the manuscript traditions of authors belonging to the first phase of lyric poetry in each of the areas studied (Italian, French, Proven├žal, Castilian, Galician-Portuguese). The project spans three years (March 2012 - March 2015), and is divided into four units: in particular, the unit based in Siena (directed by the Coordinator of the project, Alessio Decaria) will be responsible for the Italian textual tradition and will conduct its examination in close connection with LIO, given the complementary nature of the two projects.

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