Florence, 14-15 November 2011
Florence, Certosa del Galluzzo, 14-15 November 2011
Guiron le Curtois 2011. Second Seminar of the "Gruppo Gurion"

The «Guiron le Courtois» cycle. Manuscripts and textes

Talks by: F. Cigni, C. Langomarsini, L. Leonardi, N. Morato, A. Schoysman, R. Trachsler, F. Zinelli.
Contributions to the discussion by: E. Burgio, B. Burgwinkle, T. De Robertis, S. Dörr, S. Gaunt, M.L. Meneghetti, G. Palumbo.

The research on manuscripts and on the text of the ancient, Frech cycle of Guiron le Courtois includes periodical meetings of the international group of study, sometimes modified in the form of seminars. After the first one (Göttingen, 16-17 dicembre 2009), the second one is held in Florence, at the FEF location.