Florence, 28 november 2011
Florence, Certosa del Galluzzo, 28 November 2011.

Ecdotic Praxis. Philological seminars in memory of Giovanni Orlandi (in collaboration with the University of Milan)

The contribution of stylistics to textual critique: the cursus and metric as ectodic tools

Speakers: P. Beltrami, P. Chiesa, B. Grévin, L. Ricci.

«Prassi ecdotiche» " is the title of a series of seminars on philological themes, held in memory of Giovanni Orlandi. Begun in 2008 by the University of Milan, where Orlandi was professor, the cycle is now a joint collaboration with the FEF since 2010. Orlandi was among the founders of the FEF, an eminent member of the Scientific Committee, and driving force behind the review «Filologia mediolatina».