Florence, 7 January 2014
Florence, at the Location of the FEF, 7 January 2014

In memory of Clemente Terni

The FEF, in collaboration with Florence Conservatorio di Musica, wants to celebrate Clemente Terni and his work in the tenth anniversary of his death. Clemente Terni was the promoter and for many years the leader of the FEF section of studies on Medieval music.

Talks by P. Beni, S. Brufani, M. De Santis, P. Gargiulo, B.F. Gianni, M.S. Lannutti, E. Leonardi, M. Ligabue, O. Matteini, I. Meucci, d. S. Nistri, L. Pinzauti, F. Santi, p. F. Sulpizi