MEM - Music in the Middle Ages

MEM - Music in the Middle Ages

MEM Medioevo musicale (Music in the Middles Ages)
Bibliographic and discographic database on medieval musical culture and on liturgy.

MEM consists of a digital archive on medieval music and liturgy, from the origins to the year 1500, containing summaries of all scientific publications, periodical and otherwise, and all the discographic editions concerning medieval music in all of its aspects. The project was conceived in 1996 with the purpose of offering a specific instrument for bibliographic and discographic information. In this way, dispersion of scientific contributions could be countered; this is an important consideration in an interdisciplinary field that encompasses music in medieval culture, its connections to poetry, philosophy, dramaturgy, figurative arts, and of course liturgy. The space dedicated to discography is particularly significant: a study of medieval music that seeks to account for the performative aspects as further contributions to the understanding of the texts cannot neglect the current performative practices and the copious production of discographic editions.

MEM is now available online through the Mirabile portal, section DB MEDIOLATINO. Updates and improvements to the database are published yearly by the Edizioni del Galluzzo in a print volume.

Editorial board

Director: Maria Sofia Lannutti, Antonio Calvia

Consultants: Giacomo Baroffio, Lucia Pinelli

Editor-in-chief: Francesco Saggio

Core editors (Firenze-Cremona): Laura Albiero, Michele Epifani, Ernesto Sergio Mainoldi, Stefania Vitale

Contributors: Carlo Bosi (Salzburg), Océane Boudeau (Lisboa), Eleonora Celora (Notre Dame, IN), Martina Cocci (Cremona), Giuseppe Conti (Firenze), Paola Dessì (Padova), Paola Donati (Cremona), Daniela Galesi (Bologna), Gabriele Galleggiante Crisafulli (Padova), Brian Møller Jensen (Stockholm), Andreina Manzo (Roma), Marta Marullo (Roma), Stefano Milonia (Warwick), Ella Bernardette Nagy (Padova), Lorenzo Novelli (Cremona), Thomas Persico (Bergamo), Maigua Lorea Suso Biain (El Escorial), Angelica Vomera (Torino), Kamil Watkowski (Warszawa).