Stilistica e metrica italiana
Stilistica e Metrica Italiana
Journal founded by Marco Praloran
Journal of the Gruppo Padovano di Stilistica with the participation of the Fondazione Ezio Franceschini - Archivio Gianfranco Contini

Published yearly since 2001
Registered at the Florence Court on 5/05/2001, identification number 5059
Director: Pier Vincenzo Mengaldo
Scientific Committee: Armando Balduino, Gian Luigi Beccaria, Luigi Blasucci, Vittorio Coletti, Antonio Girardi, Mirko Tavoni, Paolo Trovato

At a point in time when literary analysis and criticism are undergoing both a crisis and new activity, this journal seeks to relaunch a rigorous approach to the literary text. Studies, which span from Italian literature from the origins to the most recent production of the 20th century, must then have as the object of investigation metrics and stylistics in the most profound sense, involving integration with linguistics and rhetoric. To complement a section of essays, one section of reviews and one of bibliographic indications are planned. These new sections will take account of all the publications considered significant in both areas; this includes volumes of monographs, articles or contributions that have figured in journals and collections of studies, as well as commentaries accompanying editions of texts.