Filologia Mediolatina
Filologia Mediolatina. Studies in Medieval Latin Texts and Transmission
Journal of the «Fondazione Ezio Franceschini»

Published yearly since 1994 [online]
Registered at the Florence Court on 14/07/1992, identification number 4243
Director: P
aolo Chiesa

Editorial committee: Mariarosa Cortesi, François Dolbeau, Michael Lapidge, Enrico Menestò, Peter Lebrecht Schmidt

Scientific committee: Paulo Farmhouse Alberto, Gunilla Björkvall, Pascale Bourgain, Carmen Cardelle de Hartmann, Carmen Codoñer, Mariarosa Cortesi, François Dolbeau, Mirella Ferrari, Rossana Guglielmetti, Thomas Haye, Michael W. Herren, Louis Holtz, Michael Lapidge, Rosalind C. Love, Giovanni Paolo Maggioni, Enrico Menestò, José Luis Moralejo, Peter Orth, Pierre Petitmengin, Antonio Placanica, Michael D. Reeve, Luigi G.G. Ricci, Richard H. Rouse, Peter Lebrecht Schmidt, Peter Stotz, Jean-Yves Tilliette, Anne-Marie Turcan-Verkerk, Gernot W.Wieland, Jan M. Ziolkowski

The development of studies on medieval Latin culture and language and the consequent publication of a growing number of texts leads us to reflect on the specificity of the composition and transmission of these works with the inevitable effects they have, particularly on editorial practices. From considerations of this specificity was born, in 1994, "Filologia Mediolatina", which for the particularity of the subjects handled is a unique instrument for investigating the scientific panorama. Special attention is given to methodological apects, whether they pertain to the modalities of textual composition, to their transmission and circulation, to the sources, or to their critical reconstruction, as well as to theoretical reflection on the matter of ecdotics.

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